Shipping Information

Lewser uses USPS for all shipments, including international. The shipping rates are dependent on the location, size, weight, and quantity of the order. Look below for more details on the shipping fees. The shipping fee will be automatically calculated and included when you checkout your product(s). 

How to track your order: Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive an email confirming your product’s shipment. The email will include a USPS tracking number and a link to view the status of your order. Please inform us at Contact Us, if you do not receive a tracking code. 

NOTE: Once your item has been shipped, USPS is responsible for the location of your package; you can use your tracking number to find your package. However, if you think your package is lost or delayed, contact USPS for more details. Please refer to their Missing Mail & Lost Packages page for the steps on how to find your package. 

We are not responsible for any missing items from your order unless reported to us within one month of delivery. 

We offer international shipping!

Orders outside of the US will be charged differently from those within the US (look below for more details). When checking out your products and entering an international shipping address, your order will be automatically adjusted to the international rate. After the price has been changed, please review your order before continuing or cancelling. Please note that we do not accept international returns or exchanges; all international orders are final. 

NOTE: Though we offer international shipping, our shipping service USPS only offers tracking numbers in certain countries. A list of available countries can be found on their website: Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International

Delays may occur depending on the country the package is being delivered to. Lewser is not responsible or held accountable for the location of your package once it is shipped to USPS.  

To Where Shipping Fee
Domestic (within US) $2.99-$14.99
International (outside of US) $9.99-$54.99