Lewser is a family-run business, created by Sarah, Serris, and Sean Lew. Derived from their last name and the word “loser”, Lewser became a playful nickname for the Lew siblings. What started out as a joke soon sparked inspiration for a brand.

Inspired by various forms of design and artistry, Lewser was created in the summer of 2016. Catering to a wide range of ages (from pre-teens to adults), it is a medium between contemporary modern influences and the youth culture. Emphasizing creativity and individuality, the Lew siblings want you to feel comfortable and proud to wear the name of their brand, Lewser. 

As a family-oriented corporation, Lewser is built by the bond that brings these three together. Lewser is both a creative outlet for them to express their artistic ideas and a way for them to come together as one. Fueled by the love and support they have for one another, Lewser emphasizes the importance of family. They not only support one another but also aspire to push and inspire each other through their individual accomplishments. 


Today their line is limited to online shopping only, but plans to expand in the future to make their products more accessible to their customers.