Arbitration Agreement

If any dispute, controversy, or claim about your use or purchase from the Lewser website, including products and services sold, it will be resolved by this dispute resolution procedure and arbitration agreement (“Arbitration Agreement”). Both you and Lewser are in agreement to these terms of a final and binding resolution by a private and impartial arbitrator, and are aware of the high costs of legal dispute, money, time, and energy. If any section of this Arbitration Agreement is sought as invalid, the remaining sections will not be affected and still be enforceable. 

Informal Dispute Resolution. 

As a prerequisite agreed by both you and Lewser to initiating any arbitration, the party asserting the dispute must agree to make good faith efforts to settle such dispute internally on an informal basis. The party must provide a written notice informing the other party of all relevant documentation and facts of such dispute. Once those internal efforts are made, the party must allow the receiving party 30 days to respond and/or settle the dispute. If the receiving party is Lewser, notice shall be sent to: Lewser, 280 S Lemon Ave #89, Walnut, CA 91788-9998. If the receiving party is you, notice shall be sent to your most recent billing and/or shipping address that you included in your order. 

Rules of Arbitration Agreement. 

If efforts at resolving the dispute internally fail, either party shall submit the dispute for resolution by binding individual arbitration through these terms. Under this Arbitration Agreement, you and Lewser agree to give up the right to go to court or defend rights. The arbitration will be resolved by the American Arbitration Association (AAA); details and rules are available on their website If AAA is not available in the event, both parties shall agree to another arbitrator. Conducted on a confidential basis, this procedure allows you and Lewser to explicitly delegate to the arbitrator the power and authority to determine the arbitrability of any such controversy or claim. Fees, payment, and administration will be determined by the AAA’s applicable rules. The procedure can be conducted either by phone, by written agreements, or in person in a mutually agreed location. 

Every arbitration is conducted on an individual basis; as a result, any resolution will only affect you and not any other customer. The arbitrator is to resolve the dispute with the same resources available in court. In bringing a claim, both you and Lewser waive the right to a trial by jury and to assert in a class or joint action lawsuit/arbitration. By the Federal Arbitration Act, this Arbitration Agreement indicates that the parties give up the right to an appeal on substantive grounds to a court. Once a resolution has been made by the arbitrator, it must be confirmed in a court of law and reduced to a valid enforceable judgment.  

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting We provide this privacy and security policy to ensure you the information that you share with us is safe and private. Through this policy, we explain the information we collect about you on the Site, how we use the information and the different options you have to restrict our usage of this information. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use this Site. 

We collect personal information, including name, email address, telephone number, postal address and payment information that you provide when making an order. We only use this information collected online to process and fulfill your order; your email address is used to send you necessary notification messages including confirmation and shipping notices.

We do not share or sell your personal information to other marketers or third parties without your express consent or for the purpose of processing payment for products or as required by law. In the event of fraud or unauthorized use of credit/gift cards, we may disclose personal payment information to prevent such events. Squarespace Commerce ’s payment processor, Stripe, includes a Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant that uses a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to verify the integrity of your payment. Stripe is intended to prevent payment fraud and to detect suspicious activity.